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Ghost Outfit - I Want You To Destroy Me (12" LP / CD / Digital)



We are pleased to announce the inaugural SWAYS long player, GHOST OUTFIT – I Want You To Destroy Me. Crafted in the Bunker, the album documents the bitterness of separation and young love gone wrong. Conceived and delivered as a musical whole, with a crafted, tuneful pop aesthetic emerging through dense layers of noise and distortion: I Want You To Destroy Me is not so much a sound as a state of mind.

“the first SWAYS masterpiece” – Atrocity Boy

1. Too Soon
2. Switch
4. _
5. Sleep
6. Words
7. Lexicon
8. I Want Someone Else
9. Killuhs
10. What You've Got
11. Kids

Available on 12" LP, CD & digital. Please note: vinyl LP comes with CD + digital. It also comes with a 10x10" art insert.

Release date: Vinyl available from 18th July.

Recorded by Marten Hurley in the Bunker, Salford, England.
Produced by Marten Hurley & Ghost Outfit
Mastered by Joe Lambert, JLM Sound, New York, USA.

Artwork by Will Sharp (Grotesque Nouveau).